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Texas Country Music Junkie received this letter from Shannon Cain when we asked on facebook if anyone would like to add some words to a post we were writing about Aaron Watson after he played at Cowboy Country in Long Beach, CA…I believe it is a post on it’s own.


I had just lost my father by his choice 10/31/07. My best friend Mark Moore is always introducing me to Texas Music. So he made me a CD and on it, it read Aaron Watson. I put it in my CD player and listened to a few songs. Not til Barbed Wire Halo came on did I stop and truly listen. That song made me cry and I believe it was on repeat for the next year.

I finally got to see Aaron live 2009 at NFR [National Finals Rodeo]. After the concert he goes to his merch booth and takes pictures and signs for every single person in line. So that night we just went to say hello and thank him for the impact he made on my life after my father passed. But that’s not where my story ends.

The next couple months into 2010 my mom relapsed and passed from cancer. I was devastated and hated the world and the God I loved and believed in. How could He take both my mom and my dad. I was in a really bad place. So one day as I normally do I signed in and read Aaron Watson‘s Barbed Wire Halo blog. He and his wife Kim were to have their 4th child and they found out there was to be complications and the baby would pass away. As I sat there and cursed even more at the LORD. I kept reading Aaron Watson’s blog post.

It was then announced that Aaron Watson would be playing a local bar that I use to frequent. So I drove down and watched him. Something just struck a cord in me, how does this beautiful person lose a child and still praise the LORD? So as much as I was still held anger in my own life, after the concert I bought every single CD [see list below] he had there. I hugged him and we talked for a bit.

I drove all the way home feeling something wasn’t quite right but I was not sure what. So I got home and typed out a letter to Aaron asking him how he still believes and loves the LORD after Julia Grace. I never thought he would read it or respond.

But a few days later he responded and wrote a beautiful blog about me and what I asked him and how much the LORD means to him still after losing Julia Grace. He helped me get back on my path with the LORD. He is a amazing human being. He is a wonderful artist, a great husband, father and Christian. He inspires me and everyone that sees his pictures or hears his music. Someone asked me how many times I have seen Aaron Watson? I responded too many to count.

As an avid concert goer I will say Aaron Watson is THE only artist that I have ever seen or met that goes above and beyond for his fans.

One concert sticks out for me, I drove all the way to Texas to see Aaron Watson on Near Years Eve. The concert started and he spotted me right away in the audience, he pointed at me and was super excited to see us there. After that concert he hugged me so tight and told everyone I was his number one fan. He made me feel so special in his state where he plays every weekend. As a person you can see he is doing God’s work.

So as a fan/concert goer…I normally listen to music a few times and get burned out on it. But not Aaron Watson. I can listen to him all day everyday and never get burned out. The best part to Aaron Watson is he sounds exactly the same on his CDs [see below] as he does live.

He writes beautiful songs, treats every single person at his concerts like they mean the world to him and he gives the best concerts. His fans mean the world to him and he takes requests he changes his set list to make us smile. He takes pictures during the concert with fans. After the concert he stays and signs anything and everything. He talks to each person as long as they are engaged in conversation. He stays until every single person in line gets to see him, talk to him or get a signature from him.

The other thing I like about Aaron Watson is that he will never conform to Nashville pop radio music. He is truly a Texan and plays real country music. As soon as the first cord is played you are transported to another place and time. I feel like Bob Wills is going to come out, like dirt should be on the ground and everyone should be two stepping or swinging. Its a “REAL GOOD TIME”!

Again he is like no other human being I have ever met. I am truly blessed to have seen him as many times as I have and he truly has touched my life. No other artist has ever done that. I will look forward to his new CD The Underdog that drops Feb 17 2015 and cant wait to see whats next from him ….

Written by One True Aaron Watson Fan: Shannon Cain


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