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John Slaughter Needs a Little Something; and that is for
more people to hear his outstanding CD “Stay For A While”.

TCMJ did a Google search on John Slaughter to see what info could be found,
and then put together a short overview of John Slaughter with links to where
you can find more about him. There are many references to John Slaughter, but
only a few of which are the John Slaughter we are reviewing. To differentiate
himself from some other known John Slaughters, his website is accessed under
JohnSlaughterMusic.com so as not to confuse with the John Slaughter Blues Band.

His facebook page has just under 1,450 “Likes”. And you can listen to his latest
single here, along with some of the other tunes off the CD.

He also has over 1,260 friends on myspace.

He has a small number of followers on twitter: 125. This might be
because all his tweets are promo oriented…no real engagement
with his followers, and Fans want to hear from the artists they like.

John’s youtube channel has a few videos of his performances and some in
studio accoustic perfomances, but no produced music videos at all.

John Slaughter was born in Houston, and now lives in Huntsville, Texas,
and has played with the Roger Creager Band before launching out on his own.
John can play violin, mandolin, guitar, sing harmonies, which he did with Roger
He now sings in his own band.

I first found John on the Texas Music Chart. The song was “Need A Little
Something”. I found a free download of the song just for giving my email.
Liked the song so much I went and sampled the whole CD and liked very
much what I heard, so I purchased and downloaded the CD. ( I have since
bought a hard copy….like to read the credits and liner notes.) He has some
writing credits around town, but on his own CD he has writing credits on all
ten of the songs, four of which were written with Jody Booth, four with
Cody Johnson, one with Jody Booth and Doug Deforest, and one he wrote

This CD is so good! I thoroughly enjoy every single song on it. My favorites
are the title track and current single “Stay For A While”. What a song, can’t
stop listening to it! “Hasn’t Everyone” is another outstanding tune, along with
the afore mentioned tune, “Need A Little Something”. Hard to put them in any
order; they are all so good. From “Single Rose Kind Of Girl”, “You Thought
I’d Never Be”, and “The Broken White Line”, to “Pray For Rain”, “Timbertown”,
and “Back To Me”

John has a great voice, and the musical arrangements are well constructed, and
very well produced. This CD is one of those that after listening to a few times,
had the feeling that I had been listening to it for years. It just resonates with
great lyrics put to great music.

According to an August 16th tweet on his twitter account, “Our new single ‘Stay
for a while’ was released to Texas radio today!” This is no doubt one of if not
the best song on the CD! Just a well written and executed song. Put this on repeat

You can request his current single be played on all the great radio stations that affect
the chart. To see a list of Radio Stations here see downloads tab here on the TMC

This song should make it to the Texas Music Chart and Texas Regional Radio Report,
which give listings of Texas Music Artists and their current singles position.

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on myspace.

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John Slaughter’s music can be found at: reverbnation

and itunes and amazon and RFT

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