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And the new #1 on the Texas Music Chart is…
“Interstate” by Randy Rogers Band. (#4)

Hey Jeff Willis here once again at Texas Country Music Junkie .com.
Every Monday TCMJ looks at about 12 songs that are moving up on
the Texas Music Chart, as well as first time appearances on the chart.
(The # in parenthesis is where the song was last week on the chart and
N means it didn’t appear in the top 50. Also some song titles have a link
to the song or video. TCMJF = Texas Music Junkie favorites artist)

Now to the rest…

“Let Me Love You” by Casey Donahew Band is #3. (#5) Song

Reckless Kelly’s “I Hold The Bottle, You Hold The Wheel” is #5. (#7) Video

Eli Young Band’s “Crazy Girl” jumps to #8. (#14). Video

Outside the top ten we like to look at who is jumping 2 or more spots when possible.

Rich O’Toole’s “The Cricket Song” jumps to #13. (#20) Video

“KMAG YOYO” by Hayes Carll moves to #14. (#19)
Hayes Carll on The Tonight Show performing this song

Aaron Watson leaps to #15 with “Best For Last”. (#24)

“Lie Baby Lie” by Sean McConnell is #16. (#21) Video

“Sounds Like An Angel To Me” by Jason Cassidy is #17. (#23) Video

Outside the top twenty we like to look at who is jumping 5 or more spots when possible.

Rob Baird’s “Blue Eyed Angel” leaps to #21. (#28)

Bart Crow Band’s “She’s The Only Reason” moves to #24. (#29)

“Jesus And Johnny Cash” by Jarrod Birmingham is #27. (#34)
Jarrod Birmingham Feat. Kevin Fowler— Jesus And Johnny Cash

John David Kent & The Dumb Angels’ “My Girl” is #34. (39) Video

“For A While” by Ryan Beaver is #35. (#42)

The Pear Ratz’ “Ozona” is #43. (#48) Video

Below are some songs that were not in the top 50 last week:
#37 No Justice “Gone Ain’t Far Enough”.
#41 Bleu Edmondson “Blood Red Lincoln”.
#42 Mike Ryan “Won’t Let It Show”.
#48 Nick Verzosa “Look Back To Texas”.

Congrats to all.

You can view the Texas Music Chart here.

And Texas Regional Radio Report here.

TRRR gives slight variations on chart positions.

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Until next time this is Jeff Willis and Texas Country Music Junkie .com

P.S. As always, if you find anything that needs correction, or perhaps

a broken link, please let us know.