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Hey Jeff Willis here at Texas Country Music Junkie .com.
Every Monday TCMJ looks at about 10 – 12 songs from the Texas Music
and the Texas Music Artists that are moving up on the Texas Music Chart
as well as first time appearances on the chart. (The # in parenthesis is
where the song was last week on the chart and N means it did not appear the
previous week in the top 50. Some song titles have a link to the song or video.)

Once again “Girl In A Truck” by Kevin Fowler, is #1 on the
Texas Music Chart. (#1) Video

(Fans of Kevin Fowler can get a FREE download of this unreleased
song on a special Letter To Fans web page just for fans here.
While there take advantage of Kevin’s upcoming album package.)

Jason Boland & the Stragglers’ “Outlaw Band” is again #2 (#2) Video

Randy Rogers Band’s “Interstate” makes it to #3. (#7) Video

Brandon Rhyder’s “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” is #4. (#6)

“Let Me Love You” by Casey Donahew Band is #6. (#10) Song

“I Hold the Bottle, You Hold the Wheel” by Reckless Kelly is #7. (#12) Video

Rounding out the Top Ten at #10 is “You’re Not Lookin’ For” by Deryl Dodd (#14)

Outside the top ten we like to look at who is jumping 2 or more spots when possible.

Jamie Richards is #12 with the song “Easier By Now”. (#15)

“Long Way To Get”, by Max Stalling is #15. (#17) Video

Sunny Sweeney moves up and is #17 with “From A Table Away” (#18) Video
(Be sure and check out last weeks TCMJ Artist Profile here.)

Outside the top twenty we like to look at who is jumping 5 or more spots when possible.

Eli Young Band’s “Crazy Girl” jumps to #24. (#43). Video

Bart Crow Band’s “She’s The Only Reason” is #30. (#38)

Eleven Hundred Springs’ “This Ain’t The First Time” is #34. (#39)

“Bar, Guitar & A Honky Tonk Crowd” by Whiskey Myers is #40. (#47)

“Jesus And Johnny Cash” by Jarrod Birmingham is #46. (#50) Video

Below are some songs making their first appearances on the chart:
#42 Kyle Park “Heart Of You”.
#47 John David Kent & The Dumb Angels “My Girl”.
#48 Six Market Blvd. “Silence In Me”.
#49 Jon Brewer  “Texas Corn”.

Congrats to all.

You can view the Texas Music Chart here.

And Texas Regional Radio Report here.
TRRR gives slight variations on chart positions.

The Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Show Round 2 is closed.
To vote You MUST be a TRR Music Association Member!
Final Round coming up! Find out more here.

(You might ask why I only cover the Texas Music Chart and not
Texas Regional Radio Report? It has been because of the day
of release is more convenient for me…late Friday vs late Sunday)

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up later this year, be sure and stay tuned.

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Until next time this is Jeff Willis and Texas Country Music Junkie .com

P.S. As always, if you find anything that needs correction, or perhaps

a broken link, please let us know below.