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Congrats to Kevin Fowler, “Girl In A Truck” is #1 on this week’s
Texas Music Chart. (#2)

(Fans of Kevin Fowler can get a FREE download of this unreleased
song here.

While there take advantage of Kevin’s upcoming album package.)

Hey Jeff Willis here at Texas Country Music Junkie .com. I’d like to say
welcome to those that have recently “like”ed the TexasCountryMusicJunkie
Facebook fanpage. I have not done a blog post in a while. The holidays at the
end of last year followed by an extremely busy beginning of 2011 left me with
little time to do much extra non income fun. Normally this would be post ready
come Monday mornings. Better luck next week. I will be doing my best to get
regular consistent posts this year.

In fact, perhaps some of you could help. If you have a favorite Texas Music Artist you would like to write about and would like to submit it to TCMJ, I will be doing a post on how to go about that in the very near future. In the meantime, if you want to start on something already, I don’t have any real guidelines, except to say keep it fairly brief, with a highlight of the  band or artist, why you like their Texas Music, the title of their CDs with 2-3 favs from each, and 3-5 from their most current release. Ideally, 10-12 songs in total. As I said this is so far a fan run, non income site, so anything that is submitted will not be compensated except that the author  will be credited and any website they choose noted. Stay tuned for more details…

To the rest of this weeks chart.

Every week TCMJ looks at about 10 – 12 songs that are
moving up on the Texas Music Chart (lol, they don’t always make it to post, promise I’ll get better). We’ve already seen the #1 holder, so lets take a look at some more of the chart.  (The # in parenthesis is where the song was last week on the chart, and some song titles have a link to the song or video.)

The song “7 & 7” by Turnpike Troubadours’ has moved up to #3. (#6) Video

At the #5 is “Outlaw Band ” by Jason Boland & the Stragglers. (#9) Video

Jon Wolfe’s “Let A Country Boy Love You” #7. (#8) Video

The top 10 is Brandon Rhyder’s “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good “. (#13)

Outside the top ten we like to look at who is jumping 5 or more spots.

“Let Me Love You” is #11  by Casey Donahew Band. (#22) Video

“I Hold the Bottle, You Hold the Wheel” by Reckless Kelly is #16. (#25) Video

While Bill Rice’s “Friday Night” is #26. (#35)

“Never Say Never” by Jerry Audley is #27 (#34) Song

Rob Baird jumps 19 to #28 with “Blue Eyed Angels”. (#47) Song

“Texas Kind Of Way” by Cody Johnson is now #30. (#40)

Aaron Einhouse’s “All I Need” has moved another 10 and is #35. (#45)

And Emory Quinn’s “Finds Danger” is #38. (#46)

Below are some songs making their first appearances on the chart:
#34 Jackson Taylor’s “Boys In The Band”
#41 Heather Myles’ “Pretty Poison”
#46 Aaron Watson’s “Best For Last”
#48 Jon Brewer’s “Texas Corn”
#49 George Ducas’ “Breakin’ Stuff”

Congrats to all.

You can view the Texas Music Chart here.

And Texas Regional Radio Report here.
TRRR gives slight variations on chart positions.
The Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Show Round 2 is closed.
To vote You MUST be a TRR Music Association Member!
Final Round coming up! Find out more here.

(You might ask why I only cover the Texas Music Chart and not
Texas Regional Radio Report? It has been because of the day
of release is more convient for me…Friday vs Sunday)

TexasCountryMusicJunkie.com has some big plans coming
up later this year, be sure and stay tuned.

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P.S. As always, if you find anything that needs correction, or perhaps

a broken link, please let us know.