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Cause I know Hank is playing a sold out show
And Waylon’s still wailin with his Honky Tonk Heroes
and Conway’s singing Hello Darlin’ to an angel on the front row seat
Don’t tell me tonight, don’t tell me tonight that Heaven ain’t the place to be

Hi, Jeff Willis here, TexasCountryMuscJunkie.com.
Each Wednesday’s blog post I will be highlighting
one of my favorite Texas Music artists.

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So I wanted to take a look at James Lann from Hitchcock, TX.

Type in a Google search on James Lann and you’ll get pages and
pages of music, concert dates, and social sites, but not much about
Lann himself. So I’ll leave you to look at the links provided on this
post to read the little info available. Having said that, your in for
a real treat if you’ve never heard his music before!

One of the first songs I remember hearing by James Lann, was
“You’re From the Country Too”; and it was one of those songs, the
first one you hear by an artist, that you know you are going to like
everything else you hear from that artist.

How true that is with James’ two awesome CDs: “Ford released in May
of 2007, and “Honky Tonk Kung Fu” released in January of 2010.

“F-O-R-D”, the title track off his first CD, received some attention, which was
followed up by an excellent song that also makes for a great Desparado Wrap.
That song is “You’re From the Country Too”, which reached #5 on the Texas Music
in 2008. The CD’s third release “Honky Tonk Two Step Queen” shot to the
top of the Texas Music Chart reaching #1 in 2009.

As for the rest of the songs on the CD they are worth listening to. Of particular
note are the cover of the 1980 hit by Mac Davis “Texas In My Rear View”…feast
your ears on this one!, “40 Miles Down 25”, “Deep In The Heart Of This Texan”,

“Daddy’s Little Girl”, “Moving On”, and “Cowgirl With An Attitude”.

are must listen songs, as well as the rest of the CD.

2010 saw the release of James’ sophomore release, “Honky Tonk Kung Fu”, and another
Texas Music Chart #1 “The Talent Requires”.

Also on the CD are a number of stand out songs. “Face In The Mirror”, “She’s Water”,
“I Owe You One” w/Jason Allen, “Halfway To Houston”, “That’s Why I’m Here”, and
an exceptional live acoustic cover of  Michael Martin Murphy’s “Wildfire”.

You’ve got to listen to Heaven Ain’t The Place To Be.
For excerpt see video above.

The current release off the CD is “Every Kiss Goodnight”, an upbeat song that is
jumping up the TMC #2 and TRRR #2.

All in all if you like great vocals, lyrical and musical content — just the steel is worth
the listening– and if you haven’t heard it yet, TCMJ highly recommends you get yourself
both these efforts by James Lann.

If you like his music, then you can help him by requesting his current
single be played on all the great radio stations that affect the Texas Music Chart.
See the Radio Station Info here.

You can also see James Lann and other Country Music Artisits on
the Texas Regional Radio Report which also gives a listing of the
Texas Country Music Artist and their current single’s position.

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James Lann’s website. ArtistsData. ReverNation. iLike

You’re From The Country Too

You’re From the country too
I like my tractors green, I drink my coffee black
I choose a pickup truck, to get me there and back
Give me an ol’ dance floor, on the sawdust side
I dig my faded genes, I love my chicken fried

If that’s country, I’m country through and through
If that’s a redneck, call me a redneck too
If that’s the way you walk, if that’s what you do
No matter where you’re from, You’re from the country too

I’ll give my weekend up, to raise a neighbor’s barn
A little dirt and sweat, never done no harm
I say “Yes Mam – No Mam, take my hat off inside
I hugged my Daddy, ‘till the day that he died


They’ll pry my dead cold finger off the trigger
The day they take my self defense
And they’ll never take the words – UNDER GOD
From my… Pledge of Allegiance

If that’s country, I’m country through and through
If that’s a redneck, call me a redneck too
If that’s the way you bleed, Red White & Blue
No matter where you’re from, You’re from the country too

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