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Published on March 29, 2010, by in Uncategorized.

Hi, Jeff Willis here. Welcome to my blog on Texas Country Music.

Each blog post I will be highlighting one of my favorite

Texas Country Music artists. If you want to know more fully

what this blog is about see my first couple of postings and

the pages as well.

Ok, so I wanted to start with one of my most favorite Country Music

Artist, one that Billy Joe Shaver has said, “And there’s this little girl

down there in Waco…She’s real good, she writes the songs.”

Who is she? Well her name is Kimberly Kelly; and this girl

can write, sing, play mandolin, and entertain, and is a native

from Central Texas; Waco, in fact.  The Best of Waco has

placed her at #21 in an article titled 51 Reasons to Love Waco.

There is not a lot of info on her when you type in a Google search

for her name other than the Social Media she has associated with.

Her domain website appears to be in the process of being rebuilt.

But info on her first CD, bio, and all can be found here.

She does have info available on facebook which she uses with

some effectiveness and regular postings, and she has been known

to reply to her fans, which is now slightly over 1,100. Her myspace

page is complete with some of her songs available to listen to, along

with club dates.

Although she has a twitter page, she has not used

this platform to her advantage. In fact, as of this writing, her last

posting is from ten days ago, with infrequent postings before that.

Hopefully she will come to understand that both facebook and

twitter are powerful platforms that, when used together, can

help grow a fan base.

She can also be found on Radio Free Texas and you can request

and listen to her music there, as well as a great number artists.

There is a youtube channel that bears her name, but it is

is basically without videos. Some videos thrown up by fans

on youtube are avilable, but from a distance, angle, with the

crowd noise intruding on the sound quality. I could only find

one video that appears to be produced.

Also, she could not be found as a mycountryspace artist as yet.

But this gal will be noticed, and is being noticed. Hopefully we don’t

have to wait too long for her to get some videos on CMT/GAC.

Not sure how I first came about her Self-titled first CD, but she has a voice and

style that I really enjoy listening to. She now has two CDs to her credit;

Sweet Time Dreamin‘” was just released on the 16th of March, 2010. By far my

favorite Kimberly Kelly song from either CD is a track from her first effort. The

song is titled “Amandolin”, and is a gem of a song! Everything about this tune is a

thrill to listen to. The song “The Best of Texas” is another exceptional tune.

“Just Friends” is another good tune, along with “I’s Foolin’”. Every other

song on the CD is full of music, lyrics, and vocals that are excellent.

Although I will try to limit future postings to 3 to 5 songs, I will recommend

a number of songs from her sophomore release, Sweet Time Dreamin. She has

writing credits to 10 of the 13 songs. The first single is a duet with Stoney LaRue,

and titled “I See The Want To In Your Eyes”, a real good tune. I really like

“Every Bad Habit”, as well as “Texas Weather” which is an instant favorite.

“Middle Class Money” is a real toe tapper, and salute to the working man; while

“Eat, Drink, and Remarry” is just a fun song. “I Saw Your Face And Forgot” is a

duet with Aaron Watson that just has something charming about it. There is not

a bad song on either effort.

After listening to the CD more, I have to add “My Biggest Weakness”as a song to

listen to, along with “Tell It To My Heart”

Only bad thing about the CD is the song titles and credits are very difficult to read.

I also heard that there may be a Christmas CD in the works…hope it happens.

All in all, I think Kimberly Kelly is a Country Music Artist to enjoy

currently and keep an eye on for great things in the future.

I’m definitely a won over fan.

Kimberly’s latest song “Every Bad Habit” is #41 on the Texas Music Chart.

If you like her music, then you can help her by requesting her current

single be played on all the great radio stations that affect the chart.

See the Radio Station Info here.

You can also see Kimberly Kelly and other Country Music Artisits on

the Texas Regional Radio Report which give a listing of the Texas

Country Music Artist and their current single’s position.

Be sure to become a fan of Kimberly on facebook, and follow her on twitter.

Tell her Jeff Willis and TexasCountryMusicJunkie.com told you to.

You can click on any of the blue hyperlinks in this post to go directly to the links.

I have her website and social sites provided below as well.





Watch Kimberly Kelly performing “Just Friends” at Bosque River Stage at

McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas below:

Texas Country Music Junkie on twitter